Eight is Great Baptism Mini Session at the Columbia River Washington Temple

I wasn’t sure if I should blog this, because mini sessions just don’t come with very many photos, and I didn’t want to share the entire gallery, but it’s my blog and I can do what I want, and I definitely wanted to share some of this one this one with all of you!

It’s traditional in the LDS church for children to be baptized at the age of eight, and reaching this milestone is a big celebration.  Sylvie is getting baptized next month, and her family wanted to document the occasion, and send out invitations with her beautiful photos.  

We went to the Columbia River Washington Temple, here in Richland, Washington.  Richland just doesn’t have a lot of beautiful, elegant architecture, so it’s always a treat to take photos at this beautiful spot.  It’s always stunning!

Sylive wore a beautiful white dress with lace details, and topped it with a flower crown (link here, because y’all have been asking!), which was the perfect springtime addition.

Sylvie, congratulations on your baptism!  You looked absolutely beautiful!

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