Floral Spring Family at Lucy Peony Farm in Zillah, WA

I just love this family!  

My good friend, and fellow photographer, Cherika, was hired this year by Adeline’s Peonies to photograph their garden party, and she also got exclusive access to their new farm, Lucy Farm, in Zillah, Washington.  None of the peonies there were harvested this year, so it was acres and acres of beautiful flowers!  She invited me out there so we could capture her own family in the flowers!

I’ve had the honor to photograph Cherika several times (here, and here and more!) over the years, and it’s been just wonderful to have such an amazing photographer friend!  Nobody understands a photographer like another photographer, and it’s amazing to have support in each other!  I love hearing about her wins, and I know I’ll find support in her for those tough situations.  Community over competition is always the way to go!

Every year we have so much fun, and I’m so amazed at how fast the kids are growing!  I started photographing them before their littlest was even born, and now she’s three!  In between the photos of each of them, the kids enjoyed digging in the dirt path, finding the most beautiful flowers, and running up the rows.  It’s amazing we kept them so clean until the end!

The whole family wore light, muted colors, which photograph so beautifully with my light and airy style.  With the glow of the setting sun between the clouds I felt like I was in Bridgerton or something!  It was a total fairy tale!   

Cherika and Brian, I treasure the friendship we have made, and I look forward to seeing you and your family every year!  The kids are all growing into amazing and wonderful people, and it’s just been my honor to capture them over the years.  Thank you for inviting me out to Lucy Farm!  It was a beautiful experience!  I hope these photos make it to your wall somewhere–they look SO dreamy!

  1. Cherika says:

    It was such a dreamy session! And it’s so great to have our photographer know our family so well!! My kids have grown up with you Eileen and they know you as ‘the last with the camera’ 😉 It’s always a blast at our sessions! You go with the flow and work so well with the kids! You’re Amazing!!

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