Floral Urban Family at Sunset

I was 90% sure this session was getting rescheduled. 

A few hours before our start time a spring thunderstorm rolled through the Tri-Cities.  Here in Richland, we didn’t get the heaviest rain, but it was wet enough for long enough that I really thought this session would be a no-go that night.  We stuck it out though, and I’m SO glad we did!  The rain quit just in time and then we had the most amazing sunset!

Cherika is the beautiful soul behind Cherika Hedengren Photography, based in Yakima WA.  We met a few years ago when she and her family lived in Richland.  I can’t tell you what a blessing she has been, just to have a friend in a similar spot business-wise, and life-wise, and it’s led to the best friendship!

Last year I went up to Yakima to photograph their family at the Yakima Arboretum, and we got eaten alive by mosquitoes!  We ended up cutting the session short because it was so bad, so I was feeling some pressure this year to have a much more comfortable experience!

As far as locations, Cherika asked if there was anywhere I wanted to try out or experiment with.  I immediately thought it would be fun to have an urban shoot, as I don’t normally have a lot of interest in urban locations, but I wanted to be able to show off what they can look like.  So we opted for a nice little spot downtown.  The rain made us edit the plan a little bit, but gosh, the light was so pretty!  And the sunset we got at the end was like none other!  I’m so glad when clients trust me to find a great spot with great light.  It’s so fun to get creative in a new place!  What do you think?  Want to go for an urban session for your next location too?

Cherika and Brian, thank you for trusting me with your memories!  It’s been so fun to watch your family grow through my lens, I hope you look back on these and our other photos with fond memories and gratitude.  You have a beautiful family!  I’m so glad this year we got to enjoy the experience bug-free!

  1. Cherika says:

    Oh My Goodness!! Eileen you are the Sweetest! It has been such a comfort to me to have you as my friend! You are an Amazing person and photographer! I love these photos SO MUCH, and I cannot decide which ones to print! You’re the best! Thank you for everything! ❤️

  2. Jana Hair says:

    Gorgeous photos! That LIGHT! You have such talent.

  3. Cindy Wade says:

    Beautiful shots and beautiful family!!!

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