Spring Family (and bonus buddy!) at Twin Sisters, Wallula, WA

This is a session that will stick with me for a while.

These are our friends, the Meyers.  We met through our youngest kids, who have been best friends at their school for the past two years.  Sometime last year my son started talking about his “little friend Justin”, and eventually we got together for a play date sometime last spring.  The two are pretty inseparable at school, and it’s so cute to see their bond!   Even our older kids have a lot in common, and we as parents have bonded over some of our similar parenting journeys.  I treasure having friends who understand the challenges we have been facing, and who show up to support us along the way.  

But this family has some big changes ahead, as they are moving this week to Tennessee!  We are so thrilled for their opportunities there, but we are selfishly so sad to see them leave us.  They wanted to squeeze in a family photo session before they left to capture the memories of their time here in the desert.  So of course we picked an epic spot- Twin Sisters!  They invited my son along so we could capture the boys’ friendship too, so we brought the whole family along and made an evening of it.

We were gifted with the most beautiful light, and a terrific sunset, and it was just so wonderful to be out in the beautiful desert at sunset with my family and our dear friends.  I’ll never forget it!

Aye and Ryan, thank you so much for being such wonderful friends to us and our boys the past few years.  I will always appreciate your love, and acceptance, and support with all the kid stuff, and how you just instantly understood us.  Thank you for coming out for some epic desert photos, and inviting us along with you.  You all looked GREAT (style guide for the win!)!  Good luck with your move, and settling into your new life in Tennessee!  

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