Fun Urban Family Session, Richland Washington

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

Repeat clients are THE BEST!  

These ones happen to be friends too!  We met the McCulleys a few months before COVID struck, so we didn’t get a lot of in-person time with them initially, but over the years we’ve built a great friendship, and I just love getting to capture their moments.  They were gone for a while on temporary work assignment to Florida, so we were overdue for a photo refresh now that they are back in town!

And we even got their sweet pup, Barkley to smile for some photos!  

Alison said she was envisioning ‘concrete’ for these photos, so I picked out a spot with plenty of it!  We had a little bit of squirrely weather with some wind and clouds, but we stuck with it and got nice light anyway!  

When working with kids, it’s a great idea to give them some time to be in the lead.  Often, kids have their own ideas about where to stand, or how to smile, or what to take with them, and if I spend a little time listening to their ideas, then they are usually more likely to try my ideas too.  Not all of their ideas will make it into the final gallery (but not all of MY ideas make it in either!), and it’s fun to see them on their own terms.  Keiran and Tiegen had some ideas about being at the top of these stairs, and on the nearby ramp, and we just went with it, tried it out and had some fun together doing it!

Alison and Austin, thank you so much for your friendship these past few years!  We sure missed you while you were away!  The kids are so much bigger since the last time I got to photograph you, and it’s so great to see them grow and change.  Already looking forward to having you in front of my camera again!

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