Colorful Spring Floral Family

Happy Spring!  I’m happy to be back at it this spring!  Such beautiful weather we have been having and EVERYTHING is blooming!  

Heather chose the Demonstration Gardens at the Mid-Columbia Library in Kennewick for a spring family session.  It was looking so beautiful this evening!  Turns out though, that it was prom night somewhere nearby, and the place was SO busy with people in gowns and tuxedos!  It was a challenge to find a spot in the gardens with so many people around, but I think we did it!  The sun was in and out of clouds much of the time, but really, the weather was so nice!

Heather brought her parents, Holly and Dan along, and it’s always special to get the grandparents in the photos!  They were just so cute together too!

Heather and Kevin’s kids, Alexis and Wesley brought some toys to keep them busy, and keep them company between (and sometimes IN!) shots.  I’ve taken many a stuffed animal portrait, and I know this is a great idea for parents with kids at a session.  Never be afraid to bring some toys and treats.  I love to not only capture images with everyone looking at the camera, but I love to get those moments where your kids are just being themselves fully too.  

Turns out Alexis is a bit of a local celebrity!  Together with a friend and their families, they founded Kids for Urban trees, a non-profit kid-run organization with the goal of planting trees to reduce the urban heat island effect!  In the last two years they have planted over 200 trees!  So we made sure to get some portraits of Alexis and some trees, for her future Time Magazine cover…(I’m ready when you are, Time Magazine!).

Heather and Kevin, thank you so much for choosing me to capture your amazing family in the beautiful gardens this spring.  I know it was a busy night out there, but I just love how lush and green your images are!  What a perfect night!

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