LDS Mission at the Columbia River Washington Temple

I have been lucky enough to photograph Brandon three times now!  Once, with the rest of his family in Fall 2020, then last fall for his senior portraits in downtown Kennewick.  A few weeks ago, Brandon received his LDS mission call to Bentonville Arkansas, speaking Marshallese. I definitely had to Google this, but it turns out there is a large Marshallese community in Arkansas, the largest, in fact, of any US State!  

We had a beautiful night at the Columbia River Washington Temple, in Richland, WA.  It’s always fun to have a magnificent building as a backdrop!  Brandon brought an Arkansas state flag, and the Book of Mormon translated into Marshallese, and it was fun to make use of some props.  I love when clients bring meaningful, or just-for-fun props to their session!  Whether it’s lollipops, or flowers, or a dog, or a flag, it really adds so many fun options to posing, and makes your photos stand out.  

Brandon, congratulations on this new adventure!  I hope your time in Arkansas is full of learning and self-discovery, and full of good works!

Jeraam̧m̧an n̄an kwe, Brandon!

  1. Silvina Wright says:

    Love these!! You do such great work we’re gonna miss you!

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