Woodsy, Relaxed Family in Pasco, Washington

Okay so what happens if you’re super excited for your family portraits this year, but when it comes to the location, you have absolutely no idea what you want.  

It’s totally okay!

While many of my clients have some ideas about how they want their photos to look and feel in terms of locations, many also feel overwhelmed by this, and would prefer to leave it up to me.

While you might not have a specific place in mind, a lot of times clients will tell me they want to be by the river, or in the desert, or somewhere with trees, or with flowers, or even someplace urban.  I have great ideas for ALL of these, and can give you some great options if you just have a general idea of what you’re going for.

But if you don’t, it’s just fine too!  Sometimes it’s great to just let your photographer choose a nice spot!

I’ve photographed Megan and Ian’s family a number of times over the last few years.  We’ve done pictures in the sagebrush in winter, in the trees in springtime, at Chamna in the fall, we’ve even gone to the gardens in the spring.  So this time, Megan left it up to me to choose!  I wanted to take them someplace we hadn’t already had photos, so we headed to Pasco, along the river, in a beautiful grove of trees.

We had the most beautiful glowy evening, and it was great to have their whole family in front of my camera again, before the older brothers head off to college.  

Photographing toddlers is always an energetic experience, but I’ve learned to just give them time and space to explore, and capture the magic as they experience it.  Maddi brought along her stuffed friend, Beary, so of course we got some portraits of him too.

Megan and Ian, I just love photographing you all!  It’s so amazing to watch Maddi grow and grow, and get to document the milestones of your family.  You guys are clients that truly feel like friends and it’s an honor to be your photographer!  Thank you for continuing to choose me!

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