Golden Hour Family (and bonus senior!) at Chamna Preserve

You might remember this family from a spring session at the demonstration gardens earlier this year…You guys, anytime a client reaches out to me I do a happy dance, but to have clients that return for photos, and then come back again, several times a year…It’s so humbling and just the biggest compliment! This time, Megan felt like getting make-up done, and she looks so incredible and natural!  Keri Meraz at Lighthouse Studios did a fantastic job!

Megan, Ian, and Maddi did photos at Chamna last fall, but this year they brought Ian’s older boys too, so we got to get more pictures of the whole family.  His youngest, Alex, is a senior this year, and while he didn’t want to do an entire senior session, we did put the spotlight on him for part of the session so he could have a few senior photos. 

Alex will be graduating from Hanford High in the spring!  He’s acting in Peter and the Starcatcher later this month, and I’m excited to go see him on stage!  He was a student of mine several years ago, so of course it’s pretty special to take his senior photos!

Maddi is almost two now, and it’s been so fun to see her grow and change each time I see her!  She’s not short of personality and we spent the session following her lead, and having a good time adventuring through the desert. It was that much more fun getting to do it with her three older brothers!

Megan and Ian, thank you so much for choosing me again to capture your sweet family photos!  And big thanks to the older boys for driving down from Spokane for the day to get in the pictures!  It means so much to me that I get to do this a few times a year for you all, and it’s always the best time together!  Best of luck to Alex, as he finishes out his senior year!  I know he’s got some decisions to make about next year, but I’m so excited to see where life takes him!

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