Fall Family at Howard Amon Park, Richland

You all know how warm it has been so far this fall…I’ve been calling it October Summer!  Highs in the 80’s lots of sun, no wind–I’ve been LOVING it!  However, it didn’t have much of an effect on the the leaves around here.  Fall colors had been slow to get going this season.  So when Nicole inquired about a family session with some color, we had to go on the hunt!

We ended up down at Howard Amon Park, where I knew there would be some trees turning colors.  We had beautiful golden fall light, which can actually go a long way to make green trees look yellow, and we wandered around the park and community center chasing the light and the colors.  Her and Erik’s little girls, Scarlett and Evie were so fun to tag along with as we searched for fall!  We found the one and only tree that wasn’t green, and got some adorable images of the two girls together!  Little brother, Hayes, wasn’t too sure about smiling for anyone other than his mom, but he’s such a cutie anyway!  He was pretty happy to tag along as we walked all over the park in search of the best light!

We also got some images at a cool staircase near the Park Place apartments, so there’s a good mix of photos with an urban feel, but it fits right in with the park and colors, and I adore how they all turned out!

Nicole, thanks for bringing your family for photos!  You brought so many fun props and ideas, it was so much fun to try some new things and search out the fall colors with you and your sweet family! I hope these photos are some of your new favorites!

PS: Nicole found me through word of mouth from another client!  This is probably the number one way that new people find me, so THANK YOU all for spreading the word!  It’s an honor to get to do this job and capture your moments in time!

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