Glowy Desert Fall Senior at Chamna Preserve

Meet Anthony–Liberty Christian senior, class of 2023!

You guys, we almost postponed this session.  It was raining unexpectedly earlier in the afternoon, and looking really iffy, but in the end, the sun came out, and we had the most gorgeous evening at Chamna!  Staying flexible for fall sessions is definitely a must, but sometimes when we stick with the plan, good things happen then too!

Anthony is my third senior this season (and all boys so far too!), and he is such an incredible young man!  Anthony plays football for LC (7-0 so far this season!).  He was telling me what position he plays on the team, but I’ll admit, football is not a language I speak, so I was just nodding and smiling for that part, but I’m sure he’s a superstar on the field!

Anthony is heading off to the Army next spring.  He’s already got a job with them lined up, knows what field he’s going into, and ships out on June 26th!  He’s a man with a plan!  I’m just so impressed with all my seniors this year.  They all know exactly where they want to go, and are heading off to great things. Anthony certainly has his plan in place and he knows exactly what he wants!  It’s impressive! 

I realized while planning for this session that my own senior session was exactly 20 years ago.  I’ll tell you, senior portraits have come a long way since then, and the whole experience is so much easier, fun, and relaxed than it was then.  I’m pretty sure my photographer shot film..I actually have no idea what they did in 2002…someone tell me!  Anyway, things are so much better now!

Anthony, thanks for being the best sport for your senior portraits.  I know this was all your  mom’s idea, but I hope you will treasure these images too.  It’s definitely a time in your life you’ll look back on some day, and it will be nice to see a great portrait of yourself when you do.  It was an honor to get to be your photographer, and I hope you have a fantastic senior year!

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