Golden Fall Senior, Richland Washington

Meet Ryan, Delta High School class of 2024!

Ryan is one of my awesome seniors this fall (all of whom were sent to me from one client–word of mouth is HUGE for a small business!).

Ryan attends Delta High School, our local STEM-focused high school, where he loves all things MATH!  He told me he’s taking multivariable calculus, which is a way high up college course, which totally blew my mind!  I mean, I took calculus, but definitely in college, and it was HARD!

Like Camilla, earlier this fall, Ryan brought along some props to his session to highlight his involvement in hockey.  He plays defense on his team, so he brought along his stick and gloves, and we had some fun incorporating these and getting some unique images!

We had fun exploring some spots at Chamna that were a little off the beaten path, and I just love the variety in his gallery.  Ryan is also my first senior guy to dress it up all the way with a SUIT, and my goodness he looked awesome!

Sometimes the thought of what to wear to a session is super scary, but don’t worry, I’ve thought this through for you!  All my seniors (and families too) get a copy of my digital style guide to help you not only with what to wear, but how else to style your session, or prepare your family for the most stress-free photography experience.  It’s all part of the value that is included in your session fee!

If I’ve taken your picture, and you found my style guide useful, let me know what you liked about it below!

For now, Ryan, thanks for seeing me for your senior photos!  I hope you have a great year at Delta, and I can’t wait to see where you end up next year for college!

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