Fun, Colorful Fall Family, Richland, Washington

Meet my dear friends, and former colleague, the Joyces!  They’ve been coming to see me for photos for 5 years now, since I was a brand new baby photographer, and just starting out!  What a big difference 5 years makes (both for my subjects, and the quality of their photographs!)!

This year we wanted to capture the beauty of the fall colors here in the Tri-Cities.  This can be a little tricky here, as our natural areas don’t tend to have a ton of fall colors, because they are filled with sagebrush, but down near the rivers there are some great groves of trees, and I took more than one family down here this year!  

Meg wore a beautiful orange dress, which helped to bring out the fall colors and fall vibe.  Kevin went with plaid (a VERY popular choice among my families this year!), and the kids’ colors tied into both of them.  I thought the color palette totally worked with the natural colors of this location, and the photos turned out dreamy!

I brought my little chair along, hoping for some cute photos of the kids in it, and they did not disappoint!  Sometimes having a designated spot to sit helps even the most wiggly kid to be still for a moment and own that spot light.  I just love how we captured the personality of these two!

At every session I usually start with the traditional ‘look at the camera and smile’ types of poses.  It’s definitely important to get those images!  Once we get through the essential combinations and poses, I sort of like to take a step back from posing, and just let the family have some moments together.  Sometimes the kids explore in nature, or sometimes the family has some sweet cuddles together, but this is when the magic happens!  I love feeling that shift and grabbing those candid moments to document.  They really are magic!

Meg and Kevin, thank you for not only your friendship, but your continued support through these years.  I LOVE photographing your family, and getting to be there to document the milestones, and love.

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