Dreamy Horse Heaven Hills Family

Meet the Hartsfields!  

These guys are so special to me!  They were the first people I ever charged for a session (FIVE years ago!?), and the first people I photographed who I didn’t know first! I was just barely beginning as a family photographer, and I wasn’t even officially a business yet, or even sure if that was ever going to be a thing, but I was out there trying, and they took a chance on me, and I’m forever grateful!

This year Jenn wanted some pictures that she could make beautiful large prints of for her home.  We decided to head out to the Horse Heaven Hills because I knew we’d have wide open spaces, with clean, non-distracting backgrounds so all the focus in the images would be on their beautiful family.  I thought this would be perfect for large prints in their home!

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon, but pretty chilly!  The sun had already set behind the mountains, but was still shining on the landscapes in the distance, and it made for the most beautiful, soft light, and dreamy pastel tones.  Combined with the soft grasses, and brown hills, I just love the way the colors look at this spot!

Although it was super chilly (but rechargeable electric hand warmers for the win!), this family knows how to laugh, and we had the best time catching up!  I can’t believe how much the kids have grown!  Sadie was a kindergartener the first time we met, and now she’s in fifth grade! And Raymond is a sophomore!  Time sure flies!

Jenn and Gregg, thank you so much for believing in me and for the repeat business through the years!  You guys are so fun to work with and I love watching your kids grow!  I can’t wait to see which images you choose for your walls!

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