Extended Family at Spectrum Studios, Kennewick, Washington

My last family of 2022, and it was so fun!

Megan and her family have been in front of my camera four times now (once with her side, and three times with her husband, Randy’s family), but I hadn’t seen them since early 2020!   Her brother-in-law, Richard, and his wife Kate, and their kids all live in Scotland, so when the whole crew gets together, we document it!  Last time, too, Grandpa Dan was in the hospital, and he wasn’t able to be in the photos, so it was extra special to have him back with the whole family!

We had so much fun!  There were a few shenanigans (forgot the boys’ shirts, and a broken leg the day before!), but we rolled with it, kept laughing, and had the best time!  I know that family sessions, especially with extended family members, can be stressful.  But I promise you, I don’t mind when kids are kids, or life gets lifey.  Don’t ever feel like your kids’ behavior is a barrier to capturing lasting memories with your people.  I’m good with it!

Because the weather in December is cold and unpredictable, we scheduled this session to be indoors, and I’m glad we did.  We did this one on the super windy day after Christmas when all the snow melted!  We have several great indoor studio options here in the Tri-Cities, but we opted for Spectrum Studios.  Owners Jim and Karen were so accommodating!  Jim helped me get set up in the studio and get the lights working and talking to my camera, and I’m so grateful for his time!  Spectrum Studios is a non-profit with a mission to employ adults on the autism spectrum, teach them on-the-job skills, and set them up for success.  It’s a cause I really resonate with, and they are the nicest people too!

Dahl Family, thank you for coming back for more photos! I love seeing the kids grow and catching up with you all. I hope everyone had safe trips back home after the visit, and I can’t wait to see you all again next time!

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