Fall Senior at the Demonstration Gardens and Fire Station

I snuck in one last senior this fall–Meet Brian, Kamiakin High School class of 2023!

Well, word got around after Hayden’s senior session at the fire station this August.  Brian and Hayden attend the same firefighting program at Tri-Tech in Kennewick, and after seeing Hayden’s photos, Brian’s mom reached out about getting some at the fire station too!  I’m so happy we could make it happen because shooting at the fire station is so much fun!

We got lucky with the weather too, this was the day after a HUGE wind storm here in the Tri-Cities, and we had a great evening!  We started the evening at the Demonstration Gardens over at the Mid-Columbia Library in Kennewick.  Even though we had wild winds the day before, we still found some fall color on the trees, and the gardens were still a great place for photos.  Brian brought a couple of outfits to add some variety to his gallery, and we had a good time exploring the spots around the garden.

Then he changed into his fire gear and we headed down to the station.  I’m so thankful that the crew at the fire station are all amazing guys and not only gave us the freedom to explore the station, and brought out a fire truck for us, but they also took the time to talk to Brian, and get to know him.  Hey, maybe someday Brian will join their team!  Shooting with a fire truck is just so much fun, creatively!  They keep those trucks super clean, so we had some fun with reflection shots, and played with some angles.  I just love the way they turned out, and I could tell Brian was in his element here.  I could sense a change in his energy when we got to the station, and he totally nailed the photos here!

Brian, it was amazing to meet you, and hear your story.  I’m so glad you found your passion, and are well on your way to pursue it.  Good luck finishing out your program and your senior year!  I can’t wait to see where you go next!

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