Summer Family at Chamna Natural Preserve

Meet the Wears!

As much fun as it is to reconnect with people I knew in high school, it’s also pretty amazing to meet new people too!  Chloé and her family came out from Seattle to visit her folks here in Richland, where she grew up.  Turns out we had lots of similar interests in high school (although we went to different schools, and we were even both on the golf team at the same time, which I’m sure means I saw her at practice and matches sometimes!  

Chloé was interested in capturing the beauty of the desert, it’s definitely something you don’t see out in Seattle!  So we went down to the Chamna Preserve for some nature shots with the sagebrush.  We definitely captured the magic of the desert, and oh my goodness their two little boys are ADORABLE!  It’s so much fun to work with little kids, and it definitely makes me think on my feet, practice patience, and also just go with whatever pace the kids set.  You’ll notice that sometimes parents bring a small toy for their children to hold during or between photos, and those little things sometimes end up in the pictures too.  It’s a sweet memory of this season of life, and what little treasures your kids find comfort in.

Chloé and Brandon, it was so wonderful to meet you and your sweet little boys!  I hope these photos bring back memories of your time in the desert side of the state!

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