Sunset Family on the Beach, Netarts, Oregon

This was such a special shoot!  Let me tell you the story!

Five years ago, somewhat last minute, we planned a vacation to the Oregon Coast. After much research, we found a little house right on the beach in Netarts, Oregon.  It was SO beautiful, on a calm bay, off the beaten path, and we had so much fun playing on the beach.  Our last day on the beach we met a little friend Rudy, about my son’s age, and his dad, Dan, and we enjoyed digging in the sand with them.  

Fast forward to two years later, and we booked the same little beach house and did it all again.  And the weirdest thing happened, we ran into our friends Rudy and Dan AGAIN!  We thought, “What are the chances we chose the same time to vacation with these people again?!”  Crazy.  

Then last year, we did it again.  Same house, same beach, and same friends!  This time we also got to meet Rudy’s mom, Kristi, and his little sister Margaret.  And we learned that their family actually owns one of the houses on the beach, so it wasn’t entirely random that we see them there every time we go!  We spent lots of time together on the beach last year, and got to know them a bit more.  Kristi and I connected on Instagram (Portland-area friends, check out their Christmas Tree Farm!), so when we were planning our trip for this year, she reached out about doing some beach photos!  Of course it was a yes from me!

Kristi and Dan, it has been so much fun to be vacation friends with you!  What started out as “Oh, those people are fun, but I’m sure we’ll never see them again” has turned into such a special connection, and it just makes our vacations to our favorite place that much sweeter!  And this year with both of us on vacation without our husbands (long story for another time), it was great to have some company and a friend who gets it!  It’s been fun to watch Rudy and Margaret grow and make beach memories alongside our boys.  I’m so glad they seem to enjoy it too!  We’re already looking forward to next time!

  1. Kristi says:

    We feel so lucky to have me you guys!! What a special thing to actually make friends with people on vacation! We look forward to the next time and are forever grateful for you capturing a snapshot in this wild ride of parenting! xo

  2. Cherika says:

    What a fun story!! And such great photos!!

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