Extended Family in Hermiston, Oregon

When Darcey reached out from Tacoma, WA for photos with her extended family, I was shocked that she even found me!  I’ve been working hard to build a presence on Google, and was so happy I came up in her search!  Darcy and her sisters, and their families all came to visit their parents in Hermiston, Oregon, where she and her sisters grew up.  I was excited to get to photograph a large group, and explore a new location.

We had a GORGOUS evening at Riverfront Park.  Beautiful golden light, no wind, and this family came beautifully dressed!  Their colors were perfect (a Style Guide WIN!)!  And I know how much work that can be to make 14 people coordinate and be happy!  And we had so much fun!  We laughed a ton, I struggled to get everyone’s name down, we got a song stuck in everyone’s head, and we re-created some old silly family photos.  It was just the best! We took some great photos, and we had a lot of fun doing it. 

Darcey, THANK YOU for reaching out for these photos and taking a chance on me.  Your family is so fun and warm, and I can tell you not only love each other, but really like each other a lot too!

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