Golden Hour Family Cake Smash

These are some more friends I have known forever and more recently connected with again!  Kitty and I have known each other since childhood!  We both grew up out in the country, out by Red Mountain, which at the time was pretty out there and isolated (not anymore!  West Richland has grown so much!).  We were friends in high school, and then connected again the last few years now that we are moms.

Last spring, I got to photograph Kitty and her husband, Rob, and their girls when Kitty was expecting, and then again shortly after baby Freyja’s arrival.  Now, one year later, we had a mini cake smash to celebrate! It’s so amazing to photograph a family through some big milestones, and be able to capture those moments in time for them.  Props, like these cupcakes from Frost me Sweet are a great way to add variety to your gallery, and have a ton of fun at your session.  Last year Kitty brought big swirly rainbow lollipops for the girls and we had so much fun posing with them!  Sometimes a fun treat right at the end is a great way to get a little more energy out of kids at the end of a session.

Kitty and Rob, your girls are just so amazing, and growing so fast!  It has been a real treat to get to know them and watch them grow!  Happy first birthday to Freyja!

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