This was one of those late-October perfectly autumnal evenings we are so lucky to get here sometimes, and I got to share it with one of my favorite families!  Seriously, I feel like I got to photograph famous people!  Because in some circles around here, they are! If you have a child under the age […]

Meet my dear friends, and former colleague, the Joyces!  They’ve been coming to see me for photos for 5 years now, since I was a brand new baby photographer, and just starting out!  What a big difference 5 years makes (both for my subjects, and the quality of their photographs!)! This year we wanted to […]

Meet Ryan, Delta High School class of 2024! Ryan is one of my awesome seniors this fall (all of whom were sent to me from one client–word of mouth is HUGE for a small business!). Ryan attends Delta High School, our local STEM-focused high school, where he loves all things MATH!  He told me he’s […]

As nice as our fall weather usually is here in the Tri-Cities, WA, it’s good to remember that it is still fall, and the weather can be ANYTHING! You might remember this family from last year’s fall flower sessions!  Last year, we had a beautiful sunny evening, and this year, it was raining!  We weren’t […]

Okay so what happens if you’re super excited for your family portraits this year, but when it comes to the location, you have absolutely no idea what you want.   It’s totally okay! While many of my clients have some ideas about how they want their photos to look and feel in terms of locations, many […]

Want to know a secret to a unique senior session gallery?  With tons of unique images that are totally YOU?   PROPS! Yep, bringing a few things with you on the day of your photo session can take your images to the next level, and are a fun way to bring out your personality in your […]

As a parent of young children, we’ve been at that stage in life where bedtime happens during that golden hour/sunset time of day, and I’ve been realizing lately that I probably spent years never watching the sunset, because I was in the midst of getting kids to bed (and for my kids, this can be […]

When I was first starting out photographing for other people, most of my clients were people I knew, and occasionally people that heard about me from a mutual friend.  More and more though, especially with the help of this blog, and my google page, people I have no prior connection with are finding me, and […]

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… Repeat clients are THE BEST!   These ones happen to be friends too!  We met the McCulleys a few months before COVID struck, so we didn’t get a lot of in-person time with them initially, but over the years we’ve built a great friendship, and I just […]

This is a session that will stick with me for a while. These are our friends, the Meyers.  We met through our youngest kids, who have been best friends at their school for the past two years.  Sometime last year my son started talking about his “little friend Justin”, and eventually we got together for […]