Fresh Start Family Session

It seems fitting that my last blog of 2023 is all about new beginnings and fresh starts.

My client Diane reached out to me about some fresh family photos while her adult kids were in town to document their new chapter after some tough changes in their lives.   It’s easy to remember to get photographs when new babies are born, or when kids get married, but I think it’s just as important to document the family after tough times and big changes to the family, too.  It’s good to celebrate just being a family!

We ended up with some November sun, and a bit of a breeze too, but it was a gorgeous afternoon to take pictures.  Diane’s daughter, Jenny, and son-in-law Romain drove in from the Bay Area the day before, and everyone was together to celebrate Thanksgiving together.  Don’t they look amazing?!

Reflecting back on 2023 brings lots of feelings for me too.  It was a wonderful year of getting to know some new clients, and getting to see some repeat clients too.  The human connection is 100% the best part of this gig of mine.  2023 was also less busy (fewer photo projects) than 2022, and I don’t know what to think about it.  I think I’m not going to dwell on number or compare to years past and just continue to be here to love and serve all the amazing people that come my way–no matter how many they end up being.  

I loved every photo project I had this year, and it was completely my honor to document your lives in this way.  

So to Diane and her family, and all my photo families this year, THANK YOU for choosing me!  Your support of my little business means the world to me and my family!

Hope to see you in 2024!

Happy New Year,


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