Sunflower Field Family at Middleton Farms

Meet the Hardmans!

Jana was another client who booked with me almost a year ago during my Black Friday sale at Thanksgiving (should I do this again this year?!).  We actually met several years ago at Music Together!  She wanted a summertime family session, and then we just pushed it a little further into September so we could go to the Middleton Farm’s sunflower and zinnia fields!

…And then we had to push it a little further because of smoke season, which luckily only lasted a couple of days, but was, of course, the couple of days when I had three different sessions planned!  

But we made it to the flowers and we could not have had more perfect weather!  The warmth is hanging on this fall, and we had bright golden hour light, and it was just perfection in the flowers!  Hazel was ALL ABOUT getting photos (of just herself!), and she had so much fun posing however she felt like it!  Jude was excited too, but mostly about running around the farm, and less about stopping to smile at the camera!  Totally normal three-year old behavior!  We managed to sneak some smiles out of him too, and he was just too cool wearing Dad’s sunglasses!

Jana and Jeff, thank you so much for waiting so long for this session, and being flexible about rescheduling.  Being out in that smoky air would not have been as fun!  I’m so glad you had the idea to come out to the flowers!  It was fun to capture your cute family in such a stunning place! 

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