Intimate Badger Mountain Backyard Wedding, Richland, Washington

It’s 2003, and my high school physics lab partner and I are trying to keep up in class, and also discussing our latest crushes.  Fast forward 21 years (!?!?), and I’m photographing her wedding!

Morgen and Kieth tied the knot in a beautiful backyard ceremony with Badger Mountain as a backdrop.  They got engaged under an eclipse, and themed their wedding day around the eclipse.  Together with their family and friends, they said their vows on a gorgeous breezy late-spring day.  The groom, a big Metallica fan, walked in to his own special music, and the bride cleverly incorporated 22 Metallica song titles into her vows!  We got just a few magical drops of rain during the ceremony.  It was just enough to add some sparkle to the atmosphere without getting us all wet!

I have known Morgen’s family my whole life!  Our parents were friends, so I think there are old photographs of me and Morgen’s older sister together as babies!  It was such a special thing to not only witness Morgen and Kieth’s wedding, but to have the honor to photograph it too! I love this family so much! 

After the ceremony we gathered for photos of all the guests together, with a few silly poses as requested, followed by family and friend groups, and bride and groom portraits.  

While I’m not a wedding specialist, I am loving the couples who want minimal photography coverage, or having short events.  It makes for such a relaxed wedding day experience for all of us, and yet we still get to capture the special moments in a really beautiful way!  I’ve got one more wedding scheduled for this summer, and I’m looking forward to doing more soon!

Morgen and Keith, congratulations on your wedding, and thank you for inviting me in to photograph your special day.  It was such an amazing thing to witness!  Your wedding is one I will never forget!

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