Fresh, Fun, Easter Weekend Family at Chamna Natural Preserve

I think I could tell before we even started, that this family was going to be a fun one!  We started the session with a little huddle about what to expect, and what they are expecting of me, and it felt like chatting with friends!  Not only did these guys dress in the perfect spring colors (thank you, Style Guide!), they didn’t hold back their personalities, and we had SO much fun together!

The Chamna Natural Preserve in Richland was just glowing that night.  The trees had just a touch of green with their new leaves, and we had beautiful light.  It really was just perfect weather!  Sometimes we move from spot to spot chasing the light during a session, but it was so dreamy right in this spot I really didn’t feel the need to go anywhere else!

Megan reached out a few months ago about photos while they would be here in town visiting her son Garrett, and his partner Matisse.  It had been several years since they had done family photos, and it was time for an update that included their kids’ partners.  

I really am having trouble finding the right words to describe how much fun we had, but let me tell you about all the things that happened in our hour together so you get an idea of just how much laughing we did!

  1. Silly photos on a log, looking like an explorer
  2. Dad in the background pretending to be Sasquatch (recreating some old photos!)
  3. A push-up contest!
  4. An ‘artsy’ album cover pose (also a recreation of photos from the past!)
  5. And lastly, a six-pack of Modelos shared by the whole family, with a nice toast at the end

Not things that normally occur at a family session (at least not one with just adults), but the Madsen Family didn’t hold back, and I was ALL for it!  This is clearly a family that loves to be together and has a lot of fun when they are.  It’s a special thing to witness and I hope I captured them accurately!

Megan, Jeff, Garrett, Makayla, Matisse, and Austin, thank you for bringing your authentic selves to this session.  It was a joy to photograph you, and it was a session I will remember for a long time! 

Cheers to you all!

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